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The gas automobile equipment of manufacture:

the price-lists view please in last sections (press trade marks of factories)

Газовое оборудование Новогрудского завода

Novogrudok of a factory of the gas equipment (Byelorussia)

Газовое оборудование Lovato

"Lovato" (Italy)

ГБО Landi Renzo

Landi Renzo (Italy)

Итальянское ГБО KARGAS

Kar-gas (Italy)

ГБО НПФ "Сага" (Сага-6, Сага-7)

НПФ "Saga" (Saga-6, Saga-7)

The companies "Auto system" (Russia)
BEAR-LOCK (Tytan-Lock) - Best lock for SAFE You Auto


Price for gas / petrol in cities of Russia (updating everyone 10 minutes)

The description and instruction NWGE on installation and operation GE

Card of stations (Moscow) (134 kb)

Installation GE Landi Renzo on Toyota Caldena (Gennady Mulyarchik) (Gennady Mulyarchik)

"On gas front - change " (from the kind sanction of a journal "Behind a rudder")

"Auto system" improves system (from the kind sanction of a journal "Behind a rudder")

Properties of the liquefied petroleum gas and his advantages before petrol

Not having smelt, do not sit! (newspaper "Auto business - Weekly" N36 (132) September 17, 1998)

Advantages and lacks of the automobile with gas by installation

What such GTS? (Sergeev Igor)

From personal experience (from teleconferences, the authorship is not established)

The gas equipment

When the fuel crisis will be finished?

In one week
In one month
In one year
At us never...
I do not know


For reception of the technical information and on purchase address:

e-mail: autogas@post.cz

Delivery: Byelorussia, European regions of Russia and Near foreign countries on beneficial terms.

Let's consider the offer on creation in your region of the dealer centre

You can make the application for purchase of any of above mentioned equipment (NWGE, Lovato, Landi Renzo, "Auto system" GE, "SAGA", Kar-gas), and also simply to send us the electronic letter having pressed here.

Send, please, addresses gas of stations in your city, services on installation, address of firms engaged in trade GE! Most interesting clauses are awarded with free-of-charge installation GE of the Italian manufacture!

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